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Engarre Projects Collecting water for children

Water (in Maasai language 'engarre') is the connecting theme of almost all our projects. Access to clean drinkable water for all people and especially children is the challenge Engarre decided to face.

Children in Africa walk to school few kilometres on foot. If their school disposes of water tank and has some collected rain water inside them, they can drink at school. If there is no water in the tank, especially in the dry season, they have to walk back home after school thirsty in the heat. Some children carry bottles filled with tea or simply water from the lake - just like that. We believe that if children are to drink water of such inferior quality, both Collecting rain water for children and also our project of Water purification are very important and will help improve health of children in the community.

african child with water bottle concrete water tank in Tanzania masai children drinking water cups for morning tea (kikombe for morning chai) child at water tank in tanzania rain water collected in masai village

In this project specifically we want to supply gutters for the school complex and other village buildings where they are possible to install in order to collect rain water and make it accessible all day long for children. Even though collected rain water is not totally clean, it is much purer compared to the water from lake and locals drink it as fresh and clean.

After Engarre finished part of the project of Repairing roof on local school it took few months to collect further funds to finish phase 2 - install new gutters onto the new roof and repair 2 old school concrete water tanks, which were leaking. As usually we hired local men to do the job and bought new gutters for the roof as well as special waterproof mix of cement to fix the damaged water tanks.

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