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Local school in Tanzania is in a devastated state compared to what we are used to in Europe. When Renata first visited this school she was overwhelmed by the conditions local children learn in. Pupils sit squeezed on wooden benches, originally double-designed-benches occupied by 3 to 4 children, while the others sit on the ground. Rough dusty ground of stone and clay, children leaning over their books and notebooks scattered around there.

Classrooms without door, roofs rotten, but children eager to learn and teachers passionate about their work, making use of everything available. Teachers work in minimalistic conditions as well, they have no "cabinets" of their own, only one common room for them all, which is used as director's office, repository and a meeting room for teaching staff. The director of school is painting blackboards in his free time.

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After interviewing the director, Renata found out that their most urgent issues are the lack of benches for children in classrooms and a critical state of roof in one of the classrooms, which is already a threat to the children learning there. You can also check our project of Repairing roof on local school.

The team of Engarre checked their resources and let local Tanzanian craftsmen of nearby carpentry workshop make 30 school benches. When they were finished, our local delegate handed them over to school director as Renata was back in Europe by then.

Local school would still make use of other 70 benches. We hope to be able to complete also this number soon. If you wish to support this project, please donate to our account using the link below. An amount of approximately € 50 is needed to make and deliver one school bench for local school.

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