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Good health is the basic condition for a full-featured life. Living under conditions without clean drinking water, lack of balanced diet - or lack of food in general - leads to increased morbidity. The prior aim of Engarre is to provide people with access to clean drinking water, which would eliminate illnesses caused by bacteria present in dirty water.

A couple of our projects connect in this theme - Collecting rain water for children, Filtering water and Drilling water wells. To support access to balanced diet Engarre engages in educating local women in mini-farming, supporting small family vegetable gardens.

little local hospital in Tanzania medicine of maasai shot for malaria in tanzania wounded legs of a child glucometer in tanzania masai washing hands in restaurant before meal

Engarre helps local people fight malaria. Malaria is the most common sickness in Tanzania which many people, both children and adults, suffer from. This sickness is caused by a parasite which gets into persons body through a bite of infectious mosquito. Malaria is not only common in times of rainy season, when there are more mosquitos around, but also in times of drought when people have lack of food and when they drink dirty or low quality water and their immune system is weakend. Probably every Tanzanian already met with infectious mosquito in their life, so whenever their bodies get weak, or they are forced to consume inferior water, the parasite causing malaria can "wake up" and bring the illness back again. Therefore providing clean water is the core condition of good quality health care and prevention of many kinds of sicknesses.

There is a specific way how locals try to prevent malaria. The government distributes many mosquito nets every year prior to the start of rainy season. However, there are never enough of them for all. Here Engarre could also help and prepare for the rainy season in advance by securing good number of mosquito nets to place above every bed. Supplying good insect repellents can also be a way of support.

People of Tanzania, many native tribes, have their ways of curing people and keeping good health. They use traditional medicine and sources from the nature to fight sicknesses or injuries that they have lived with for ages. Nowadays with the spread of "western civilization" also modern civilization diseases occur in these lands, like diabetes or cancer. Local people often feel powerless facing these diseases that they haven't met before. Modern illnesses sometimes need modern ways of treatement. Local hospitals are usually just small, poor equipped buildings with few beds. Engarre could help to equip local health care centres with necessary supplies and with their modernisation.

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