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Engarre Projects Income for local women

Gender equality is a challenge which even the modern world has not handled yet. In African countries such as Tanzania and mainly in the areas with strong traditional cultures, it is hard to imagine real equality. Despite this, it is possible to support local women and help them gain more independence.

maasai women making jewelry for mzungu woman baking chapati in tanzania swahili women selling mandazi at market in tanzania female tailor at work in tanzania masai woman making necklace bracelets for engarre eshop

Women in rural Tanzania are almost all day long occupied with work around the house and family and get little chance to earn some money. Still we have to say that they are very hardworking and creative. Local women make money by cleaning, washing or cooking for the men who came to the village for work. They help keeping the village clean, sell in shops, others work as tailors, sew and mend clothes.

Masai women spend most of the day at home in their "bomas" and come to village rarely. These women can make beautiful bracelets and necklaces and further different decorations made from tiny beads, typical for Maasai culture. Engarre would like to support these women and provide some income for them by selling their hand-made bracelets. You will find their products in our e-shop soon. The full yield of the sale goes directly to these women.

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