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Microfarming and establishing small family gardens can help reduce hunger in community and improve health of people in families involved. Many families in Tanzania lack enough money to buy vegetables in market and their diet is simple and unvaried, almost without vitamins. Some of them can afford a bit of beans, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes or fresh sugar cane added to their simple meals, once in a while and in little amounts. The basis of local kitchen is traditionally corn flour.

tomato plant in tanzania tomatoes from tanzania watermelons in africa cut watermelon in tanzania corn field in tanzania corn in masai house

Engarre proposes to educate, train and support communities in small family farming. We aim to find and help provide good varieties of native and domestic seeds, encourage in seed saving, find suitable ways of farming in the environment of many domestic animals and cattle. We see great potential in women, who stay home and care for children and household most of the day. Small family farms could help them provide more healthy diet for their children and families, bring more vitamins to their meals and become less dependant. Growing crops like corn for own consumption can also help avoid hunger in times of drought.

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