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Engarre Projects Access to Clean Energy

Engarre supports use of clean energy in all of its projects. The most available renewable energy source in the areas where we work is solar enery. Tanzania's location just below the Equator provides enough sunshine for most of the year to charge batteries which can fuel water pumps in wells, health care machines in hospitals or computers in schools.

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Electrification is a big challenge in Tanzania. Although the country increased electricity access to its people from 7% in 2011 to 37,7% in 2020 (numbers of, most of its rural areas still lack access to electricity. That includes people, businesses, institutions like schools, hospitals. In the areas with no electricity grid, as are the ones where Engarre started, people use wood, charcoal, petrol, oil and solar panels to supply necessary energies.

The National Rural Electrification Program (NREP) in Tanzania has among its goals increased supply of renewable electricity. So as we watch the electric power grid come closer to the areas of our operation, we are glad to know it is maybe even "cleaner" than the electricity we consume in our home European country.

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