Engarre Brings Water

Water is the source of life for people, animals and plants. Our work in Engarre is to bring clean water to the people in African bush, to the places, where water is missing. Engarre is a non-profit organization supporting people with unfavourable life conditions in Tanzania.

Who is Engarre


Free access to clean water, collecting rain water, drilled wells, water filters, preserving lake water for people, animals...


Supporting accessible education, safe and healthy environment in school, building free-time center for children, library...


Planting trees and plants, preventing soil erosion, saving water, creating pleasant climate, preserving local nature...


Work and fair income for locals, value culture and traditional way of life, educating women, building family gardens...

Our achievements

new school benches for 60+ children

new roof on one classroom

2 repaired water tanks

gutters for school roof

digged tank for rain water

well drilled for farming community

supporting Masai women

regular income for 5+ local men

sanation of water dam

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Any questions? Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible! (Please accept our delayed replies - internet connection is often hours driving away...)

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