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Engarre 4 Targets Environment

Respect for the environment and creating favorable living conditions in the environment is an obvious part of Engarre's work. Our team has been dedicated to study and activities in this area for a long time, we also have a trained expert in the field of ecology. Engarre enages in maintaining water in the country, planting trees and plants, preventing soil erosion, protecting nature, supporting small organic farming and creating a pleasant life-friendly climate.

Protecting and improving the environment is a leading theme in the world today. Media is full of information on how each of us can help save the planet. Engarre might not be able to save the whole planet, but we can help save a community, which is affected by the climate rhytms change strongly.

Even in Europe people complain that the weather cycles are not what they used to be. We found a place in Slovakia that got deserted in the summer season because of almost no rain and practiced drilling a well there. But experiencing the consequences of climate changes in Africa is just another level. Lack of rain here is often life threatening.

african children trying to get water from drying lake fixing torn water dam in Tanzania Cracked dried soil Dry grass in dry season in Tanzania Checking a field in Tanzania Digging a hole to plant a tree Planting an oak tree Little trees with protective fence in Tanzania Green trees in rain season in Tanzania Trip in a red masai bush Masai child in a bush Red starfish

Engarre currently operates in a mainland area of Tanzania. Here, being able to forecast the rhytm of dry and rainy season is necessary to survive. Many families are getting into critical poverty because of the rainy seasons shortening and dry seasons prolonging unexpectedly. Farmers' crops are drying out, their cattle is dying, people have no more water (not even the usual dirty one), employment in the area is decreasing, the price of food is increasing. Local people are powerless facing the consequences of climate changes in their homeland.

Engarre is helping the community face current climate issues, fix their consequences which are fixable, prevent further issues by effective climate action. We already engaged in the project of Fixing dam on local lake to help save the only water source in the area which is drying also as a result of climate change. We adviced the community on how to make the repair effectively, including highlighting the technical elements which would prevent early depreciation of the new dam. Saving this water source in the country is crucial and it is a condition of any further effective climate action.

We plan to educate local community in creating shaded areas of countryside in order to prevent soil from drying quickly. Deforestation as a result of the expansion of large scale agriculture and uncovering soil due to overgrazing cause soil erosion. Large uncovered areas turn into massive rivers in the rainy season, carry away the soil and expose its lower layers. Further weather influences turn the soil into dust and sand step by step.

Engarre wants to support local people in small organic rather than large scale farming. Our further projects will focus on growing and planting trees, native species and localy acceptable kinds of trees with deep and wide root system that are able to keep and bring up water, prevent erosion and provide shade. We also plan to support growing eadible trees. We want to establish a forest nursery in cooperation with local people.

In all our projects we prefer to use renewable sources of energy, that means mainly solar energy, taking into account the geographic position of Tanzania. Granting people access to clean energy is a project which Engarre will elaborate into more detail soon.

It is worth mentioning that people in Africa might sometimes be pretty much ecologically aware. To give an example from Tanzania, disposable plastic bags are banned and it is forbidden to bring this type of plastic to the country (also for individual tourists). On the contrary empty plastic bottles and their remains are lying all around. Great potential for further projects of Engarre focusing on waste management, recycling and education in ecology.

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